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120 Minute Thai Yoga Massage Treatment in Athen...
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Enjoy a 120' minute exceptional Thai Yoga massage treatment in the heart of Athens. Either you have just arrived or it's time for you to go back home, we know how to comfort your body and elevate your soul. Thai Yoga massage is for most people the same as Traditional Thai massage. Maybe it's so, but for us it's a way to distinguish the two from each other. In Thai Yoga massage, we tend to focus more on... "yoga", which means there will be even more stretching techniques than our other Thai programs. This treatment improves blood circulation and energy flow as it relaxes tensed muscles and ligaments. Pressure points in the body are also probed and kneaded. In contrast with other types of massage, Thai massage is not practiced on a massage couch but on a comfortable mat on the floor. The pressure is not applied directly to the skin and receivers remain fully clothed during the entire session. Special loose garments are provided for this treatment.

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